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  • Digital signage player
    Who We Are Smart Device Technology is Chinese largest commercial display company and leading platform of providing technology solutions for hardware, software and applications, and service provider of aftermarket support. As China’s biggest exporter in commercial display industry, the company provides products and services to customers in more than 50 countries. The monthly exports reach more than 60000 pieces...... Learn More
    Why Choose Us Smart Device Technology enables smart display devices everywhere in the world. Its mission is to make machines work better for human, and everything can connect with each other intelligently. THE FIRST AND LARGEST
    Our factory With 5000 square meter modernized workshops and 100 workers, the factory district transportation is convenient, and the facility is complete. Our factory has clean rooms and a professional automated assembly line with SMT equipments, vibration testers and high and low temperature test chambers which shows our strict product testing procedures and complete production process. Learn More
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